As Marketing To Do List, we continue to add online events to our growing business portfolio during the pandemic period. We successfully managed the entire event process of the 2021 Treasury Management Summit, which was held for the first time in Turkey.

The Summit, which was sponsored by Kyriba and ELC Strategy, took place online to inform the Treasury Managers, to follow the world and to be aware of new technological developments.

The summit speakers included Şişecam Global Treasury Director Barış Gökalp, ELC Strategy Founding Partner Levent Coşkuner, and executives of Rönesans Holding and Yıldırım Holding.

Bringing together more than 200 Finance, Treasury, and IT senior leaders on one platform, the participation of Dr. Emre Alkin added color.

We are happy to have completed the entire communication and organization process of the Summit, and we congratulate our entire team for their devoted work.

What happened at the Summit? If you’re curious, look at this fun video we prepared after the Summit!

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