Our company is 1 year old!

As Marketing To Do List, we celebrated a successful year by getting together with our current business partners and network at the 1st year dinner we held at Sait Halim Paşa Mansion on

Wednesday, February 26. Among the participants, all the senior management staff of Ritmus, Turkey’s largest Salesforce business partner, whom we consulted, the senior management staff of Inomera, an SAP partner and an R&D company producing domestic technology, ERLAU, all the senior management staff of Vektora, one of the biggest business partners of Harmoni Interior Architecture, which serves corporate companies such as Starbucks, Daniel Wellington, KFC, and SAP Turkey, where our founder worked for many years and installed the entire marketing system during the 2013-2017 growth period.

We shared the special work we did all year with a presentation and after receiving all the congratulations we had a wonderful evening where we put the work aside and listened to music and chatted together.

Happy new year Marketing To Do List!

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