Are You Ready to Become a New World Marketer?

Now you can become an anywhere marketer.

Apply to the Remote Marketer Program and work on real projects for two months to develop your marketing skills and increase your knowledge. If you are successful and want to continue, have the chance to join our team and become the marketer of the new world!

  • If you are a senior or recent college student
  • If you have good knowledge of Turkish
  • If you know English Preferably
  • If you know the design programs at a basic level
  • I work, I’m patient and if you say marketing is my business, apply now!

Hemen Başvur!

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Thanks to the Marketing Talent Program, I am practically learning many digital marketing processes and technology platforms that I cannot easily find the opportunity to learn. I get the chance to experience the marketing processes in different companies and sectors simultaneously.

Sinem Kılıç

RMP Consultant