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Gain a Vision in B2B Marketing

Our 10+ years of B2B marketing experience will help you make a significant difference and add vision to your company in marketing.

Who Are We?

If you want to increase your brand awareness and grow your business, we have good news for you; you have come to the right place for this! As Marketing To Do List, we develop and implement marketing strategies to increase your awareness and support your growth by positioning your brand in the best possible way.

All of our consulting services in the areas of marketing, branding, digital marketing and growth marketing focus on obtaining deep customer insight, creating attractive brand identities and growing the business.

We strive to act as nimbly as possible, create value quickly, eliminate slowness and inefficiency in the marketing processes of enterprises and replace them with an agile operation with a marketing architecture that adds value.

It is our mission to leave a mark and create change on every road we pass.

We act with the vision of showing the value that the art of marketing will actually create with its real functioning by combining an analytical approach with creativity and bringing it to the culture of the brands where our paths cross, and we work with the goal of becoming a leading consulting company in this field.

Remember! There is a team here who are eagerly waiting to hear from you in order to work with your brand and continue to grow with the motivation of the change we will create together!

Our difference is our B2B-specific experiences

01. 10+ Management experience in Information Technology Marketing

We offer you our 360 degree marketing process management experience covering digital and traditional, without creating a brand from scratch, which extends to 10+ years in the IT industry.

02. Marketing consultancy in B2B companies of different scales

We have the experience of working with different company cultures, different sales and marketing teams in companies starting from Start-Up technology companies and extending to companies on a global scale.

03. B2B knowledge and jargon mastery

We know the value of having know-how in information marketing. We have mastered this know-how, which is especially necessary in strategy planning and content production, and all the jargon of the industry.

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Pazarlamacıları ve pazarlama fonksiyonunu işletmelerinde en iyi şekilde konumlandırmak isteyenleri destekleyecek kaynaklar sunuyoruz.

Are you looking for a B2B marketer?

Today is your day because you have found a marketer who can provide specific services to the B2B industry!

We are in the IT industry

10+ year

The technology content we produce

5000 + Content

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