As Marketing To Do List, one of the issues we are most ambitious about is to create a significant leverage effect in startup companies.

This is in the DNA of our expertise, and we wouldn’t trade the excitement of new beginnings for anything.

As you understand, we are all keyed up nowadays because we are busy with Kapsül Dx. We are a companion in the new formation of a team that realizes all innovative technology applications and digital transformation of Er-Bakır and group companies, one of the largest producers of electrolytic copper wire in Turkey, under one roof.

For sure, we are very happy they prefer us. We have made very fast progress with Kapsül Dx since we are a team that starts working as soon as we are preferred.

What did we do?

With Kapsül Dx, we got to know them by quickly realizing our kick-off and vision meetings. We thought for a long time about how to better reflect Kapsül Dx by brainstorming as a team. Then we get down to branding. We bring the new vibrant blue color to the Kapsül Dx by arranging the logo.

We are working with such a beautiful team whose energy has accelerated our progress and added excitement to our excitement. After their approval, we quickly deciphered the website interfaces and, in parallel, determined the digital views of social media.

At the end of 1 month, Kapsül Dx was in front of us as a sparkling brand.

After determining the social media concepts, we started LinkedIn sharing by determining the content types that would stand out for the brand and create a vital brand identity on social media. The Kapsül Dx’s LinkedIn account is just taking its first steps. Over time, their content will diversify, as their access increases, their followers will increase.

Our way is long. Every day we think about what we can do better for Kapsül Dx. Our work continues rapidly and excitedly.

Welcome and glad that you have come Kapsül Dx.

Congratulations to our team that stands out for their agility.

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